Saturday, February 10, 2007


I just watched Sen. Obama’s Announcement speech. It is the finest piece of political oratory I have heard outside of a historical documentary. I am convinced that this man has what it takes to be America’s last black president. He has the power of vision and oratory to take us past race so that future presidents, and the rest of us to, will not be black or white but simply American.

Only half of us vote. 45% of that half of us that votes are democrats. A like percentage are republicans. That leaves 10% of the voters for the candidates to scrap over. Mr Obama is not just going for that 10% who are swing voters. He is going for that 50% who do not vote. He is going to inspire people who have never voted before to turn out in droves and change the face of American politics.

Watch his speech or read the transcript if your connection is not fast enough at