Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bush is still Bush

Again this week our president is demonstrating his pigheaded denial of reality and refusal to acknowledge even those lessons he has been beat about the head with.

He attached a signing statement to a bill saying that he reserved the right to read our mail for the duration of the long war. Does he not realize that there is a new sheriff in town. Surely he does not think that he is going to continue to receive the pass on oversight that the GOP gave him for the past six years. Hell, even the GOP is going to want to reign him in and keep him from damaging their party and the nation any more than he already has.

He announce to the world that the hanging of Saddam was justice being served after a fair trial. This demonstrated once again for anyone in doubt that our president does not understand the meaning of the concepts 'fair trial' and 'justice'. It is not a fair trial if there is an open season on your lawyers. Justice is not served by denying anyone their rights to appeal. It is not justice when you are turned over to your enemies to be taunted at your death rather than having the orders of a court carried out in a professional manner by the agents of that court.

He rearranged the deck chairs on the ship of state to get rid of critics in the military again. Did he learn nothing from his experience with Gen Shinseki? Even after all the failures it has caused him, he keeps surrounding himself with the yes-men. Will he ever learn the value of dissent? Will I ever quit being surprised by his constancy in the face of repeated disaster?

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