Sunday, January 7, 2007

Not Global Warming????

I saw it on the NBC evening news Friday, and intended to post about it but it slipped my mind. It slipped my mind until I went to watch the online video of Meet the Press. That was followed by the story from Friday where Dennis Feldkin (?) from NOAA denied that the current warm weather in the northeast has anything to do with global warming. He claimed it was due solely to El Niño. I know that there is an El Niño weather pattern this year, but how can he claim with the certainty that he displayed that that pattern is totally independent of climate change?

Areas of the northeast are having the warmest winter on record. Have there not been El Niño years before this? Why is this one which according to the expert is a moderate El Niño having a stronger effect on the weather than other El Niños? Why for that matter are we experiencing more El Niños and fewer La Niñas? Might that have something do with global warming?

I am sure that Mr. Feldkin will keep his job by sticking to the party line, but is he being honest?

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