Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Social Security Crisis

On my way home from work I heard one of our Senators repeating the lie that there is a Social Security crisis. This is just another Weapon of Mass Distraction. There is no Social Security crisis. There is a projected shortfall in a couple of decades. This is not a crisis. Not when there is a simple solution that could be implemented with a bill that is considerably less than one page long.

All that needs to be done is remove the cap above which the tax is not levied. This would eliminate the shortfall and have the added advantage of making this a flat rather than a regressive tax. If in a few more decades this proves to be insufficient then just make all income subject to the tax instead of limiting it to wages.

The real crisis the Senator is worried about is his fear that the electorate will start paying attention to some of the real issues that will be affecting their lives much sooner than his false crisis and make him and his coworkers in the senate start earning their checks for a change. As long as we swallow his fear mongering without question he is on easy street. The minute we start really paying attention to the issues his gravy train stops. We are in charge of this nation. He knows that and it would be a real crisis for him if we figured it out.

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