Saturday, January 13, 2007

What a Great Day

I spent the day at the National Conference On Media Reform. I got to hear Bill Moyers give a well reasoned and passionate speech about the dangers of media concentration restricting the free flow of ideas. Not only that I got to hear it in a hall full of people who gave celebrities a polite smattering of applause while thinkers who can communicate got an ovation. Bill moyers quoted a poem that I will find the text for and post tomorrow. It was truly stirring.

I got to see FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein speak on the importance of our issue. Then later he joined the blues band on stage and joined in. And let me tell you he was no dancing bear.

The conference attendees would crowd the hall to hear a speech and then go outside to talk while the bands played. It was great to see that many people who have rejected the idea that ideas are boring.

In between I go to attend an anti war rally here in Memphis. We had a great turn out and will only get better. Now it is off to sleep and up in the morning to do it again!

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