Monday, January 15, 2007

The National Conference on Media Reform

I attended The National Conference on Media Reform here in Memphis this weekend. It was chance that I attended but I am so glad that I did. I got to hear speaches on this issue and others by many that I admire and came to admire by hearing them this weekend. Bill Moyers, Helen Thomas, and Sen. Bernie Sanders had earned my respect before and I realy attended just to hear them speak. Some of the other guest were uknown to me but earned my respect among these were FCC comissioners Copps and Adlestein, as was Rep. Markey.

I care about many issues. The war, healthcare, income distribution, political coruption, and global warming are among them. But I am now convinced that the issue that keeps all these problems from being solved or even discussed is the problems with our deregulated media.

You can hear Mr. Moyers remarks here It is a fine speach and summs up the relevance of this issue much better than I can.

I will be thinking about things I heard at this conference and posting on them, but I wish to think about them and work on the posts to make sure I say exactly what I mean rather than just wipping something out.

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